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ICAM 2011 Poster presentations

Poster Session 1

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Ian Renfrew

An easterly tip jet off Cape Farewell, Greenland


Haraldur Ólafsson

Elements of orographic flow disturbances that dominate the long-term mean flows over Iceland


Hálfdán Ágústsson

Lee-side vortices over Reykjavík


Wolfgang Langhans

Bulk convergence of kilometer-scale simulations of moist convection over complex terrain


Marius Opsanger Jonassen

Persistency of mountain waves over glaciers in Iceland


Guðrún Nína Petersen

More on the warming of the föhn


Željko Večenaj

A case study of severe Bora event at Vratnik Pass and Senj, NE Adriatic coast


Kristian Horvath

Analysis of a strong mid-Adriatic bora event: the role of complex orography


P.W. Chan

A significant windshear event leading to aircraft diversion at the Hong Kong International Airport


Kayla Harrison

A high-resolution WRF simulation of a post-frontal topographically enhanced wind shear event at Juneau International Airport


Gunnar Livik

Flow regimes and the quality of wind simulations in Spitzbergen


Tiina Kilpeläinen

Modelling of spatial variability and topographic effects over Arctic fjords in Svalbard


Haraldur Ólafsson

Fine-scale observations and simulations of the atmosphere over Bergen, western Norway


Marius Opsanger Jonassen

Simulations of the Bergen orographic shelter


Marius Opsanger Jonassen

Thermally driven orographic winds over Southern France, simulated with MesoNH and WRF


Lorenzo Giovannini

High-resolution numerical simulations of daily-periodic local circulations in Alpine valleys including urban environments


Jürg Schmidli

Large-eddy simulation of the daytime boundary layer evolution over an idealized valley


Bogdan Rosa

High-resolution anelastic modelling of Alpine flows: a case study for a summer convection


Wolfgang Langhans

Observations and numerical simulations of Alpine pumping and its interaction with moist convection


Alexandre Paci

Orographic drag and lee wave breaking: two recent experiments carried in the CNRM-GAME stratified water tank


Uroš Strajnar

Forecasting extreme precipitation : North western Slovenia event from 21 to 26/12/2009


Balram Ambade

Studies of acid rain pollution and their harmful consequence on livelihood


Poster Session 2

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Ivana Stiperski

Aircraft observations of complete destructive interference during T-REX


Guðrún Nína Petersen

Cold barrier winds off south eastern Greenland during the Greenland Flow Distortion experiment


Alexander Gohm

What caused the change in the convection regime on two consecutive COPS days?


Lukas Tüchler

Comparison between gauge and radar precipitation measurements in high spatial and temporal resolution during COPS


Fumiko Aoshima

Characteristics of precipitation and wind fields within the COPS domain depending on different forcing conditions


Jeremy Price

The structure of cold pools in the presence of partial cloudiness


Bradley Jemmett-Smith

Flow characteristics in moderate terrain; results from the COLPEX field campaign


Vanda Grubišić

The atmospheric wake of Madeira Island: i-WAKE Campaign


Amélie Kirchgaessner

Orographic flow across the Antarctic Peninsula - a case study


Victoria Smith

Preliminary analysis and observations of gravity wave development above the Antarctic Peninsula during the Orographic Flows and the Climate of the Antarctic Peninsula (OFCAP) field project


Haraldur Ólafsson

The MOSO experiment


Hálfdán Ágústsson

Simulations and measurements of atmospheric icing in mountains


Christof Gromke

Eddy covariance measurements at a snow covered alpine site in Davos/Switzerland


Christine Groot Zwaaftink

High frequency measurements of intermittent drifting snow mass flux under gusty conditions


Sigurður Jónsson

Large resuspension of volcanic ash at Eyjafjallajökull, due to a local orographic windstorm


P.W. Chan

Application of brightness temperature data from a ground-based microwave radiometer in the alerting of low-level windshear


P.W. Chan

An event of tail strike of an aircraft due to terrain-induced windshear at the Hong Kong International Airport


Irene Schicker

Updating the currently available landuse data in WRF: impacts on simulations for the Austrian Inn Valley


Alan Gadian

Demonstration of a cut-cell representation of orography for modelling atmospheric flow over 3D very steep hills


Poster Session 3

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Željko Večenaj

On the turbulence integral length scale at the NE Adriatic coast


Željko Večenaj

Turbulence averaging interval for summer Bora flows at the middle of the NE Adriatic coast


Sébastien Blein

Atmospheric turbulence high resolution in mountain region


Branko Grisogono

An airflow over the Dinaric Alps simulated with a modified mixing-length formulation in WRF model


Lorenzo Giovannini

Characterization of daily-periodic valley winds in the valleys around Trento


Stefano Serafin

Daytime heat transfer processes related to slope flows and turbulent convection in an idealized mountain valley


Rosey Grant

An observational dataset of canopy air flows over complex terrain


Temple R. Lee

Carbon dioxide variability and frontal passages at a forested mountaintop in the Blue Ridge Mountains


N. Vijaya Saradhi

Numerical simulation of the Mala cyclone with different boundary layer schemes


Dino Zardi

A simple model for the convective boundary layer development in a mountain valley


Hálfdán Ágústsson

Katabatic winds and land breeze



Susan Lee

Applying the WRF model at a regional scale to quantify orographic effects on two bio-crop sites in Yorkshire


Olivier Caumont

Initialization of a non-hydrostatic high-resolution model with weather radar dual-polarization data for deep convection forecasting in a mountainous area


Simon Vosper

Assessment of orographic drag parametrisation schemes in simulations of flow across the Antarctic Peninsula


Marius Opsanger Jonassen

Assimilating data from an unmanned aircraft to improve a forecast of orographic winds


Jan Kysely

Climate change scenarios of heavy precipitation events in mountainous regions of Europe


Vanda Grubišić

Drying Ratio of the Colorado Mountains under Climate Change Conditions


Željko Večenaj

Climatology of the Adriatic winds in the town of Senj and Vratnik Pass


Guðrún Nína Petersen

Preliminary study of the wind resource in Iceland


Marius Opsanger Jonassen

Spatial variability of winds at the mountainous west coast of Norway


Fiorella Acquaotta

Temperature and precipitation in Bra. 149 years of meteorological observations (1862-2009)


Thomas Gutermann

Reconstruction of föhn durations from 1864 to 2008 from three daily climate observations


Wolfgang Loibl

Evaluation of regional climate simulations using COSMO-CLM and MM5 for Austria and the Alpine Region


Imran Nadeem

Evaluation of solar radiation from RCMs within the Alpine Region based on station observations: Intercomparison of Reclip:century and ENSEMBLES simulations